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Real Estate Solutions
Companies in the real estate industry have been besieged by a mountain of paperwork. Real estate transactions by nature involve many documents and time-consuming transactions which must be painstakingly recorded. Thanks to Micro General Corporation, there is an easier way.

Welcome to ExpressNET, Micro General's proprietary solution to workflow and document management problems faced by the real estate industry. ExpressNET electronically connects all parties in a real estate transaction, quickly and easily transferring data between title, escrow, Realtor, lender, broker and other real estate service providers. From front-end order entry to back-end escrow closing and title production capabilities, ExpressNET provides full connectivity.

ExpressNET allows companies to exchange a wealth of information -- closing documents, status reports, commitments, HUD statements and other relevant documents. ExpressNET eliminates countless faxes, phone calls and other time-consuming communication. It removes the delays and tedium of repeatedly keying in data, improving data accuracy and decreasing costly errors. By automating traditional workflow, ExpressNET reduces turnaround time and trims costs, creating a solid competitive edge for its users.


ExpressNET consists of several fully integrated components, each providing an automated solution to an important step of a real estate transaction:

Order Express (OE)

  • Software which resides on the lenders' and/or realtors' desktop, allowing for electronic order placement with title, escrow, credit, tax, flood, and other service providers. OE also confirms service orders at each milestone and tracks when a request was opened, by whom, and with what reference number.

    Order Express can readily interface with many loan origination software packages.

Order Tracking System (OTS)
  • Designed for title/escrow companies wanting to accommodate national lender business, OTS facilitates the placement and tracking of title orders as well as other real estate related products such as credit, tax and flood. OTS manages service turnaround times through user customized reports.
S.I.M.O.N. Title
  • Electronically tracks files through escrow and title, allowing the user to quickly identify title production status. As information is input, commitments/preliminary reports are generated on-line and digitally transmitted to escrow.
S.I.M.O.N. Escrow
  • Electronically connects escrow offices with other ExpressNET users. Orders are automatically received into escrow, and confirmation and order status are electronically returned to the sender. Order information is instantly applied to opening, closing, trust accounting and other pertinent documents.
1099 Services
  • MGEN also offers 1099-S forms processing and bank reconciliation. These accounting services complement our software package, bringing the convenience of a turnkey back office solution to our customers.